nov.09, 2022

What is a Workflow Process

Tips on how to create a systematized workspace

Does this picture look familiar? Is this how your team handles projects? We know how difficult it can be to cope with the workload or divide big tasks into smaller ones. So, let us explain to you how workflow processes can help in the improvement of productivity and building business processes effectively.

improper distribution of tasks

But first - a definition!

A workflow process is a sequential order of series that must be completed to have some task done. Such business series, divided into sections, can be repeatable and supported by a large number of additional features. It is possible to adopt a common workspace for use by different departments of the same company as well. Detailed information about the benefits and opportunities will be provided later. Let's consider this complex topic in a simple example.

Imagine stairs: it`s like you should go up stair-by-stair to be on the needed floor. You can't be right at the top without going through the path, right? The first step is beginning to get your work done. The peak is the end of the project. When the employee finds himself there - his efforts acquire a tangible and concrete result. You need to take smaller steps to complete the big, long task of climbing stairs. Let`s look at the picture below, which shows the example visually.

workflow process

Why using workflow management is so valuable?

1. Work less - produce more

Answering this question, the first and probably the main advantage appears. The construction of business processes helps to increase productivity. A structured model of work of individual employees and team interaction reduces the time spent on each assignment of duties. This allows professionals to set up the principle of your company's work once, and then only adjust the template for subsequent projects.

2. Forget the exhausting routine

Micromanagement takes a lot of effort from the people responsible for it. If you remove this big piece of their daily routine, more important tasks will take priority. The worker's potential will be fully revealed and will bring even more benefits to the business. While the software will keep the organizational points in order.

For instance, previously, to fill out all important corporate documents, the employee had to work manually. It was necessary to switch between different programs, fill in the data again and again, without ready-made patterns, then - deliver the created documents to the database. But now there is an opportunity to change the attitude towards daily duties. The built-in algorithms will move the manager from the assumed point of filling out papers with information through other important points up to storing the created data in the database. And all this within one platform, and all this is possible!

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3. Build reputation and trust

Arranging workflow processes makes business more transparent, increases trust within the team, and improves the company's image. Do you wonder how it works? Automation of the activities of all specialists facilitates easy access to information about the status of the task, its executor, and work plan items. Depending on the established settings, the company's clients also get limited access to certain materials that concern them. Therefore, business relations develop not only based on verbal agreements or drawn-up documents. At any time, the customer or stakeholder can familiarize himself with the current stage of execution.

4. Grow without burning out

Rapid business scaling is another possibility for process automation.

Support for the functioning of the organization fell on the shoulders of employees. When the business starts to expand over time, the flow of business processes becomes slower. This happens due to excessive workload on people, small operational tasks also require a lot of effort and, of course, time. Be careful, do not destroy a company that has not yet had time to spread its wings fully. Remember that human resources are not robots. It will be easier and safer to automate a significant percentage of the work. Therefore, people will be responsible for the actual growth of the scale of the business, and not for micromanagement.

distribution of tasks

This is how an exhausted employee turns into such a "strongman". Its folders are now sorted (properly organized). With the processing company`s workflow, projects become easier to cope with and work on them - more efficient and faster.

Top 5 useful tools in the management system

Calendar - using a built-in and customized calendar from the Ixord company has several advantages. First, you can view the calendar of colleagues, then book a time for a business meeting. It is also possible to block time (mark it as busy), which allows you to avoid unnecessary questions and waiting for an answer. You can also share a link to the meeting.
Workflow process diagrams - using a workflow diagram can help teams that get the same tasks done repeatedly throughout the day/week ensure that they follow the same procedures each time, keeping a consistent level of performance. One of the ways to use it are visual reminders about the importance of an unfinished task, its deadline, and the current stage of performance.
Kanban board - visualization is a powerful driving force for memorization and the convenient performance of tasks. There is nothing superfluous on such a board. All unimportant details remain out of focus. In the center of attention - the main thing for work. And of course, openness and interaction. Everyone who has access can review the projects that others are working on, offer cooperation, support, share ideas and impressions.
Protocols - you can use ready-made protocols that are suitable for different departments of the same business. Adjust the pattern once and it is ready to use for a long time.
Gantt Chart - this is another means of planning and project management available in the Ixord platform. Design your schedule in a visually easy-to-understand way. The start date, deadlines, and milestones of the projects are depicted in the details of the diagram.

And this is only a small part of the bricks from which it is possible to build a bridge to the effective functioning of businesses, departments, or individuals.

Who said that workflow management is not for everyone?

If you think that organizing work processes is a difficult task and only a professional can handle it, then forget this myth once and for all. If the previous information revealed all the perspectives of using automated workflow management for businesses, there are other purposes besides this. Even if you have planned an ordinary shopping trip, try to describe the process in detail so as not to waste time and forget something important. And, directly, understanding the platform will not be too difficult. Navigation, text prompts and intuition will help to understand the principle in practice. Forget about the fact that there is any complexity because there is the automation of your work, which is designed for the opposite - to make life easier.

So, you don't need to be a specialist to create simple series of tasks.

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