nov.10, 2022

BPM vs. Workflow: Which one to choose?

Purpose of using BPM and Workflow process manager

Organizations are always searching for new ways to improve productivity and efficiency in their operations. It's not news that the key method is to manage internal and external processes correctly and automate workflows as required. That is, both BPM and Workflow help to improve and automate the work routine and this is their similarity, but they still differ in the scope of possibilities. So let's find out what the difference is between them.

workflow or bpm

What does Workflow signify?

Workflow combines all tasks so that they can work together toward a unified goal and achieve solid results.

For example, you can manage your workflow by tracking all processes and active tasks in one workspace. Appropriate streamlining of project tasks will eliminate communication gaps, improve effectiveness, avoid gaps, and improve quality and delivery. An organization can use workflow software in support of its business processes. They help perform tasks on time and send notifications and alerts if approvals are outstanding. So you will definitely not forget to make daily or weekly reports, finish paused tasks, and so on. Workflow contains a large set of features and widgets, for example, a Calendar , which would always remind you about all the important meetings and conferences. In order to visualize tasks, limit the amount of work in progress and achieve maximum efficiency - use a Kanban Board . By applying it, you can easily control the stages of all your tasks. (you can see the full list on our website in the Features and Widget sections)

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What is BPM?

Compared with workflow, BPM focuses on organizational activities , not the actions of individual workers. Modern BPM platforms provide companies with an organized and integrated approach to process management that simplifies the resolution of business problems and the optimization of processes, workflows, and other functions. One of the biggest advantages of BPM solutions is their ability to look at the "big picture" of a business and empower decision-makers with insight and control over processes. Manage all company processes that are connected by logic in our Enterprise edition.

To understand whether your company needs a BPR, pay attention to the factors listed below:

Manufacturing: identify bottlenecks and reduce those barriers and inefficiencies within a production line.
Construction: detect potential health and safety risks and apply policies and procedures within the staff.
Healthcare: Improve patient-centered processes to improve patient and stakeholder experiences.
Finance: to thoroughly comply with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations.

The Difference Between Workflow & BPM


Let’s take an example as simple as moving! Imagine that you decided to move to another house with your family and contacted a moving service. You agree with a company that will help you with the move. A team of movers comes to you with a van, which first packs your belongings, then transfers them to the truck. After that, they transport your belongings, unloading, unpacking, and arranging items to be shifted. All this is a specific sequence of actions that take place in a definite order and that's how the workflow looks like. However, after all, what place does Business Process Management take here? All moving companies have an application department, as well as a department that deals with creating groups of drivers and loaders, as well as a department for receiving complaints, and so on. All these departments are not directly involved in your moving, but many processes take place within them, without which the moving process would not be possible. Everything said above falls under BPM as it focuses on each aspect of moving business.

Workflow Management or BPM: Which one is Right For You?

How about deciding which assistant is more suitable for you? The implementation of BPM is, of course, global, but the "threshold of entry" can be difficult. It takes a lot of time, resources and, most likely, the workers will feel a little insecure. To start, the best option is to try IXORD as a workflow . With it, you will already see how your processes are automated and improved. As you become familiar with the workflow functionality and want to expand your capabilities - you can upgrade to BPM with us. The main advantage is that you don't have to "switch" to another BPM platform and get used to it again, but simply expand the range of possibilities as needed. And, of course, this extension will be customized based on your personal needs.

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